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            A hot topic “Zhejiang Government will organize 10,000 enterprises to go abroad to participate in economic and trade activities”, 
            we found that a number of foreign trade enterprises have chartered planes to go abroad to grab large orders,
            and strive to catch up in front of business opportunities. 
            When the situation of epidemic prevention and control changes, 
            Durkee once again dares to take the first. With the spirit of seizing the moment and taking the initiative, 
            Durkee continues to deeply explore the global market, and participates in the BIG5 exhibition which located in Dubai, 
            leading the industry to compete for thousands of sails and thousands of businesses. 

            中東迪拜五大行業展覽會(BIG 5)


            中東迪拜五大行業展覽會(BIG 5)是中東地區最具影響力且是最大型的建筑、建材及服務類展覽會。始辦于1980年,同時其衍生展中東五大行業建筑機械、車輛及設備展覽會(BIG 5PMV)是專注于中東地區建筑設備、機械、工具和車輛的專業展會。如今,中東地區建筑市場的火爆和持續發展,帶動了對建筑設備、材料、工程機械及車輛的強烈需求,更吸引了全球的關注。

            The BIG 5, founded in 1980, is the most influential and largest construction, building materials and service exhibition in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the derivative BIG 5PMV is a professional exhibition focusing on construction equipment, machinery, tools and vehicles in the Middle East. Nowadays, the ever-growing and sustainable development of the construction market in the Middle East has driven a strong demand for construction equipment, materials, engineering machinery and vehicles, which has attracted the global attention.



            Dubai, United Arab Emirates is an excellent gateway for China to explore markets in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Duquesne has an office in Dubai. Since 2008, Duquesne has been exhibiting in Dubai for many years, constantly consolidating and expanding the Middle East market.



            And successively have a number of world-renowned users, such as Carrefour Dubai, Ajman University Dubai, Citibank Dubai, LG Dubai Headquarters Building, Oman Golden Dragon City, Oman OCEC Convention and Exhibition Center, Iran Tobacco Factory, etc.




            In the past, “going global” may only need a ticket, but now it requires not only the courage to develop the market, but also the belief in changing the status quo. One meeting is worth a thousand emails. Only by chatting with customers face-to-face can we understand the needs from customers and the market. Durkee always adheres to the value of customer first, based on the global market and technology promotion, focused on the industry, create best customer experience through excellent manufacture,professional technology and engineering service. At the exhibition, Durkee’s products and solutions won everyone’s praise.




            With the continuously  adjustment of the Covid-19 control policy and clearer market expectations, Durkee Group will enlarge marketing, accelerate the speed of globalization, and provide global customer with more innovative, environment-friendly, and energy-saving solutions on exhibitions and technical conference, please stay tuned!